Discover the influences behind the Sustainable and Unique Collection.

In the behind the collection series, we will share the reasons for relaunching of ethical pieces this summer. As well as the elements which influenced and inspired the collection.

The Unique an sustainable collection are curated limited edition and one of a kind jewellery + accessories from two former collections, Hard & Sweet and Miscellaneous . Featuring statement earrings, brooches, headbands and head warmer.

When first released between 2012-13, both collections were very popular. However not long after releasing, we  moved into a much smaller work space, changes to the structure of TUT occurred,  so many items including the accessories went into storage. We decided to wake these lovelies from their beauty sleep. Relaunching under a new collection named Unique and Sustainable August 2017.

“  Making somthin’ new from somthin’

old is in my DNA…”

“I’m not sure if it’s a West Indian thing…but being Barbadian means, having trouble throwing anything away. I grew up watching mainly my Mom, turn finished ice cream tubs into Tupperware, mayonnaise jars into  home pickling jars. Finished food containers, hardly ever reached the bin.”


All of the accessores are hand crafted  using  remnant; yarns, fabric from former TUT clothing  projects. Repurposed and upcycled  vintage beads and buttons. A  limited amount of fabric/ yarn wasan opportunity to  be spontaneous + playful and innovative. Exploring up-cycling, colour and movement.

Elements of  experiences and time spent on two beaches on the Island  influenced the collection significantly . Oistins beach. A place very much enjoyed location, by visitors to the island. Located in south cost of the island in the historic trading town of Oistins. Dreamy Golden + orange sunsets over  warm sands.

The long cascading  beach of Bathsheba. With tall looming bent shaped formations of lush beautiful  Palm trees decorating the sea edge. Known for the its healing and replenishing properties, mineral enriched salty waves crystal clear reveal the tiny life residing underneath.

Barbados is home to  a host richly coloured flora and fauna. Blooms in vibrant  colours of the rainbow. The frangipani  and other small  blooms can easily be spotted  whilst exploring hill tops, scotch bonnet peaper ground plots. It is a well know for is captivating and ummistakable  fragrence (white and pink bloom pictured) It is  indigious to the island and can also be found throught the Caribbean.  Located in the east of Barbados in the Parish of Staint Joseph is Andromedia Botanicle gardens. Home to thousands of unique and historic speciacies of plants, such as the  Heliconia . Other wie know Bird of paridice. The heliconia is a continued source of inspiration within all of the collections.

As well as being delicate and beautiful, Butterflies symbolize growth and renewed energy. In principle, living in the beauty of a what is, not, what was. The Swallowtail butterfly Papilio machaon britannicus is very large in size. Strikingly coloufrul butterflies. Possessing a with forked tails found on some birds, giving it its name. The British race is the subspecies britannicus which is confined to the fens of the Norfolk Broads in East Norfolk.

The Bee maintains stability and harmony. Creates an environment of fertile growth, leadership, all whilst  keeping life sweet and joylessly sticky in the process. Black Bumble bees can be found  hovering and collecting nectar from  homes in Barbados, growing Sweet Pea trees the back yard.


The collection encapsulates adventurous  confidence, vibrancy and confidence.  Light weight and comfortable for all day confidence. Easily transitional from day to evening socialising. Colours will effortlessly compliments and unifiy a host of colours in a wardrobe.

Adding a touch of uniqueness to any outfit  or  hair style. An ethical collection of ‘pretty little things ‘ exploring the innovation of  upcycling with vintage and repurposed embellishments.