Blending Geometry + TRIBE SYMBOLS

Discover a new 🌴TUT blend for 2019

Communication was expressed through a configuration of illustrated symbols within the Indigenous Tribes of the Caribbean.

Shantell is obsessed with geometric angles achieved through  fluid body movement.  Blending these fluid geometric  shapes,  with the distinctive  angles and shapes used by the Tribes  in  the creation of the symbols, has influenced the further development  our much loved  Bathsheba Silver Dangle  earrings in to a new collection of earrings .


New collection drops 2019


Shantell began creating the new collection early March 2018. Prototypes of each pair earring have now been completed.

 Her next step: road testing each prototype.

Shantell is sharing every step 👀 in the creation of the collection✏️ .  You can give her feedback, share your likes, dislikes and ask her any questions 🙋 you may have as you follow along with the development.

Each month, Shantell will send  you a new update.  The first update will be in your inbox  October 20th. I hope you won’t be shy to share your thoughts

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