About The Urban Tiger…and a little about Shantell =)

4 sqaure pic 2 home page pic 3 home page copy

Freedom – Ease – Individual

The Urban Tiger designs the ingredients for others to create the Lifestyle through Fashion, Art and Design. Creative  inspiration is drawn from my West Indian ancestry and nature which is fused with a fascination with architecture, technical perspectives and people watching.

Shantell Bancroft


What drives the brand is a set of core lifestyle values: Freedom, Ease, Individual. Grammatical error intended. These values or what I like to refer to as a Lifestyle Code, is the philosophy of the company.

Work in progress on the developing the brand, artwork, designs and products are documented using photography and video, and shared with the community in the hope to make  real connections with people. Your comments and feedback are more than welcome.

So.. now a little about the person talking to you. Hi I’m Shantell. I’m on a journey…

P.s, It’s nice to meet you.x









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