Welcome back  Tiger!!

Did you have a tasty Sunday? I did.

Weekends are for chilling.  And I did that for most of the day. In my dressing gown.  During the later part of the chilling, I sat and completed my Patreon page. I’ve been going back on forth on doing Patreon. Many moons ago I became an Amazon Partner, that felt ok to do and direct people to, it’s not a very flexible platform. Lots of rules on how to get paid.


I love the idea of Patreon, but I don’t make educational, or entertaining content and my business is not a charity…so why would anybody want to be my Patron? It’s also supa hard to ask people to consider giving you money as a means of support and not for actually purchasing a product.

Well, that was my internal dialogue on this topic. Then something happened. I ran out of money to buy supplies, and I calculated- my finances won’t stretch to pay for any stalls this year for Christmas craft shows.

That means for another year,  followers of TUT  won’t be able to get the full experience of the products – offline. Developing relationships, connecting with West Indian women is an integral part of the brand.  It’s so difficult to translate just how awesome 🌴TUT is just through product pics. Touch and engagement are how people make a connection.

I’d love to tour….yeah tour, be where you are in the world, bring the brand to you. Make more products, as well as get some help with some of the moving parts which has been a strain on me. Patreon, is my way of asking for help to keep this brand moving forward.  I have lots of exciting ideas, on products and events which will continue to support West Indian women, but I can’t execute them alone.

I completed this account on Sunday whilst enjoying the pleasures of eating the last of my Haagen Dazs Belgium Choc (drool😍) so as you can see there is still time to become my 1st Patron .

A lengthy amount of time has been spent on coming up with how I can express a huge thank you with great Patron gifts.  So….If you have been following my efforts with 🌴TUT on Instagram for a while,⏳ appreciate what I’m doing to empower Island Girls, consider becoming my Patreon.

There are lots of great goodies / rewards to receive in exchange for your help. To see those and how your support will be used read on here.


P.S...becoming someone’s Patron makes for a fantas-ti-co👌gift for Christmas / Kwanzaa wink wink🤗 .  


🌴The Urban Tiger blog.  Serving up statement West Indian fashion  + meaningful personal styling strategies to thirsty Caribbean sylistas’  



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