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Welcome back Tiger!!

I’ve been thinking. Because now the finish line is drawing closer on completing the new earring collection, I’ve had time to think about other areas of TUT that are falling short of awesome.  Deciding to open up the studio, exposing my design process, has been nerve-racking, I’ve never felt so vulnerable. In the process of being open, I’ve realized how much I actually hide behind my computer, Instagram and this blog.  I think that’s because I’ve lacked direction with whom this blog is serving + in turn how to deliver valuable content.


Also I’m an introvert, so staying behind the scenes is a very comfortable place for me to be.

When I try to shout to many West Indians on Instagram,  TUT often gets lost in all the noise. All the marketers online suggest, that to offer valued content, is to keep your audience small, and know their struggles inside out.  So I experimented for 6 weeks with that idea in mind. During the 🎄 festive season I decided I would  direct my attention, my styling strategies, towards the smallest audience within the style conscious West Indian community, whom would benefit from discovering  TUT accessories, and benefit from my personal styling expertise. After some long deliberation, I choose to make a pilot series of styling videos for professional  Stage Performers, more specifically…Singers, who struggle with choosing their festive gigging outfits.

Here I am on Periscope – just jumped on- then continued jumping on, to eventually create 7 LIVE streams in total. I covered festive gigging outfit, mindset + body shaming.


I named these streams Style Talk Tuesday, coz I streamed, more often than not, on a Tuesday afternoon.

FYI -The introvert in me, fought with me every week. The visionary hustler in me won the battle+ sat me in front the camera. 🙂

This is how your girl handled her first ever Periscope…nervous, dry mouth and everything😜 Did I do OK?? University never prepared me for social media 😂 . Here is Episode 1.

Then I did this….

Podcasts are my shit.  I listen to a shit ton. Whilst in the studio, whilst shopping, sometimes as I train my body. I like the feeling of having a conversation in my ear. For convienice, I converted the Periscope streams into an audio format, podcast styley 👂  +  uploaded all the episodes ….(Netflix styley)…to popular podcasts platforms. I just wanna say, this is not a podcast. It’s just the LIVE streams in audio format, for convenience.

If you do listen in on the series rather than watch the series here , please remember, I am a swear for pleasure kinda girl, so if you have little ears around, you may want to pop in earbuds or pop on Cans!

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Listen to S1 EP 1 on Spotify 

Listen to all 7 episodes on Spotify  

Listen on ➜  Anchor

Listen on ➜ Soundcloud






Until next time Tiger…

.x S

The Urban Tiger – serving up personal styling strategies to hungry West Indian women – who take being individual seriously 💪


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