Welcome back Tiger!!

How does waking up to a beautiful summers morning make you feel?

Summer is a special time of the year for me. Nine months of the year I put up with having to wear a heavy coat, supa thick clothing and tons of layers. Frozen toes… nipples… ears. Yuck!  I naturally gravitate towards darker colours and hoodies. I’ll wear the same outfit for days. Yep days and days.  Once I find a comfortable combination of clothing, I’ll stick with that outfit.  Getting me to leave my house from November through to April is like trying to open a tin of bake beans with a dull pen knife. 

Often I’ll cancel dates with friends because I don’t drive and waiting on public transport in London in the cold is the worse.

Yep I’m a Winter Grump. Misery. A little depressed. Well….more sad than depressed really.  I’d rather stay at home, in the comfort of the studio. Held up with cuppa of something herbal, thick bed socks, straddling my bestie – my electric heater.

Now in summer I’m the complete opposite… I comes alive lol.  My true persona spills outta me.   I  am all colours of the rainbow 🙂 Tribal prints, tiny weeny shorts, playsuits,  spaghetti  staps ,gladiator sandals ,Trilby  hats …that’s my get up…my fashion language for communicating …

‘’Hi world , I’m a frisky, happy , laid back and care free approachable, Island Girl, it’s lovely to meet you darling’’

However, this is London, so inevitably during the Summer months I will wake up, roll up the blind at the window to see not one  lick of sunshine outside! No  blue skies, no sun rays.  Just angry grey clouds…chilling  winds 😦

I fall right back into that Winter Grump. My knee jerk reaction is to let go any plans that involved going out that day. However, I run a business. Staying home just won’t fly all the time.  So if I must venture out, I try my hardest to make the process of choosing what to wear supa hassle free. Ideally keeping my outfit Summery, without sacrificing on being comfortable and protected from the elements.


I think, my being a Winter Grump, may be touch of SAD….I’m unsure. I do know,  that whatever the diagnosis might be,  I wanna turn the dial down on feeling moody. To achieve this , I’ve found it useful to develop a ‘simplicity system’ . The system helps me to reach ‘Okay status’  so I can stay motivated to run my errands.

The  ‘simplicity system’ requires very little effort to feel stylishly upbeat….which is a total win. Looking even just a little bit presentable during a mood swing, help’s toward  my feeling ‘present’ as I handle the day.

So this is the ‘simplicity system’.  I curate my whole outfit in coordination with  my favorite, statement cardigan and  flattering cosy fit  jumper.

From this point on…I will refer to these heros as my ‘everyday cardi’ and ‘no brainer’ jumper.

To implement the simplicity system, I begin asking myself three  poignant questions….

#1 Question: Do I really really absolutely have to venture out today?

If the answer is:  FUCK….ARRRghhh Yes, I go to #2

#2 Question :  Will  the garments I was planning to wear today  match well with the style of my  everyday cardigan  along with a ‘ no brainer’  jumper ?

If the answer is No… I go to #3

#3  Question:  I don’t wanna cover up with a heavy coat, coz that will make me feel sad. What item of clothing, can I add, or switch out, so I can wear my cardi and jumper in stead of a heavy coat? 

Reverse engineering this  process of  choosing my clothing, has proved very satisfying. It’s quick and best of all easy on me.

  1. Gersa Knit Cardigan – Max Mara  £222
  2. Open Shoulder Cotton Hoody – VETEMENTS £310
  3. Daisy Hoop – Vanessa Mooney  £26
  4. Atm Anthony Thomas Melillo Silk Sweat Pants $227
  5. K/Stripes Canvas Shopper – Karl Lagerfeld £45
  6. (Blue/Silver Samtchevreau) Women’s Sandals – Garbor $165
  7. Banks Sunglasses – Karen Walker  £201
  8. Mini Bloom Red Crochet knit Hair Clip – The Urban Tiger £98

So what makes a great ‘everyday cardi?

Definition: The Everyday Cardigan is one which is stylish, dependable, designed to make a statement. Can easily take the place of the need of a weighty winter coat or trench.

An everyday cardi is preferably long in length and oversized.  Mine is drops to my calf, duster coat in style, huge side pockets, and warm without being overbearing. I look supa hip when I throw it on lol.  The Oversized-ness….yes I just made that word up lol, anyway the fact that it is oversized expresses my laid back ‘fuck yeah…I’m down!’ personality lol.


Not just for the koolness… an oversize cardi provides the functionality of a large coat.  Roughly one size bigger that my body… mine easily fits a vest and a that ‘no brainer’ jumper I mentioned earlier underneath, if needs be.


  1. Gersa Knit Cardigan – Max Mara  £222
  2. Open Shoulder Cotton Hoody – VETEMENTS £310
  3. Mini Bloom Red Crochet knit Hair Clip – The Urban Tiger £98
  4. Banks Sunglasses – Karen Walker  £201
  5. (Blue/Silver Samtchevreau) Women’s Sandals – Garbor $165
  6. Printed Silk Skirt – kenzo £199
  7. The Snap Sling Embellished Leather Tote – Marc Jacobs £245

The perfect ‘No brainer’ jumper takes care of least a weeks’ worth of shitty weather styling. Generally, but not as a rule, I’ll opt for a jumper in a block colour…just for extra styling flexibility.

What makes the perfect ‘no brainer’ jumper?

Definition: Flattering, slightly roomy, warm and comfy, feels Summery in appearance, designed to make a statement, easy to throw on, or in a bag.

I enjoy prints on a garments, they are like therapy…mood enhancers; they fill me up with fun fuzzy feelings. If I need more mental ease, I’ll also reach for a  pair of comfy Jogging pants or a flattering mid to maxi length skirt.


MINI BLOOM BOARD 2018 copy red.jpg sports lux
  1. Gersa Knit Cardigan – Max Mara  £222
  2. Metallic Tank – Brunello Cucinelli   £246
  3. Mini Bloom Red Crochet knit  Hair Clip – The Urban Tiger £98
  4. Lace-Up Cotton Sweatpants Fenty Puma – by rihanna £125
  5. Florentine 18-Karat Gold Hoop Earrings- Carolina Bucci £725
  6. Fold-Over Clutch (Falcon Cove) Clutch Handbags – Pendleton $89
  7. Watermelons Smoking Slipper- Soludos  £74
  8. Cheyne Walk Gold-Plated Pearl Necklace – Aurélie Bidermann  £150

Colour is important here…’no brainer jumper’ needs to be in a  flexible  colour. I will opt for colour that  will effortlessly sync up any garments with busy prints. So any ‘no brainer’ jumper I choose must easily compliment the style of both those pieces.



Until next time Tiger…

.x S

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