Welcome back Tiger!!

Ahhhhhhhhh! That Peeps is the sound of anticipation. It bubbled over as  each day grew closer to the  release of the Black Panther. For months, I carefully avoided any online interviews with the cast or fan  film reviews so to not stumble upon some clumsy  idiot giving away plot or the ending. I wanted my visit to Wakanda to be full of surprise and wonder.

Which after seeing it , I can tell you it was 🙂


Prior to the general release of the movie, I had heard how the early previews of the movie had inspired black Peeps to visit movie theaters in the thousands. As I waited for the day when I would visit Wakanda , I tuned into videos circulating on my Watsapp feed, of  happy folk celebrating the release with African dance and drum performances…..in  cinema foyers , folks coming out strong and proud in African prints…sometimes full costumes, in an effort to show love , appreciation, solidarity and unity.


So your girl, very moved, inspired  and very proud, was of course going to join in on  the celebrations with an appropriate  outfit.  🙂

1 copy
My Island  Earrings 

My starting point was the My Island earrings  I have a few personal favs from the Unique + Sustainable collection, but this pair encapsulated what I wanted my outfit to say about me on that day.  They set the tone of my look.  I used the colours  featured within in the earrings to decided the pallet for rest of the garmets I would wear.


Using the block colour method, I mixed and matched different  prints paired with a brown coloured top. I further accessorized with  my  African beaded necklace, as well as  my long  animal print necklace to unify all the colours.


Yeah I went all in with make up too. I am pretty happy with how my make up turned out. Didn’t mean to look so serious on this pic lol.


An easy way to way mix and match bold  prints, is to choose items which share the same  subject mater (within the print )  or share the same colour pallet . Using bold printed  earrings like the ‘My Island’ overized  earrings…are a  flattering way  to offset black and white prints.

 As you can I was soooooo fucking excited all the way to the cinema. My friend and I were  fired up with thoughts on what we about to see. 

So what can I say about this movie???  Well I watched in 4XD,  a first for me. So I  got to smell and feel  things as I moved through Wakanda.. Wakanda smells amazing!!  🙂

This is visually beautiful. Ten minutes into the film I almost cried with pride.  In all my years on this earth I have never watched a Hollywood movie with an nearly all black cast.  Written and directed by a black crew, shot in Africa.  This marks a moment in Black history. Wakanda gave me a glimpse of what could have been if it were not for slavery.  I ate up every moment, walking out of the theater energized and proud. I’ll be telling my grand kids about the hype of  the Black Panther, the hype and the impact that followed in it’s wake !


Until next time Tiger…

.x S

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