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Welcome back Tiger!!

Most of my unique pieces in my wardrobe are the ones I discover in charity shops. Take my coat. My awesome coat. My awesome coat that makes me  feel soooooo hip and trendy without pulling a muscle lol. I found this particular lovely in a charity shop in Tottenham.

close up 1 v 2

I had been on the look out for a full length coat for some time.  Month and months actually. It needn’t have taken me soooo long, but I was holding out for a special find, which I new I could only find in a charity shop. So after months of lurking around the isles of my old charity haunts I finally spotted this dude.

coat 2 copy It’s sage green in colour , has small stand collar, and comes complete with oval shape cord as button holes.

I reckon it dates around the 1950’s- 1960’s era as it has the tiniest pockets, a feature of coats in those eras. Feels like outerwear Dot Cotton would be proud to own. 🙂

Here I’m styling and  profiling gurl  🙂 with my current earring obsession  from the Unique + Sustainable collection.


Using earrings that are a block of colour …. like the ‘Flakes’ bloom earrings…are a flattering way to compliment busy or boldly printed head wear .

In my head, before I found coat, I desired one which I could wear both formally….like out to dinner …stylish enough to complement my heels…. also causal enough…. to throw on to say… wander around a museum, or craft show on a Sunday.

coat 3 copy copy

coat 4

This dude does just that!! With jeans and converse and my chunky scarf I look like I just stepped out of an ASOS photo shoot lol.

Also in my head, my coat had to work well with my eclectic mix  of winter  hats and printed head scarves. This  wasn’t a deal breaker…but I do cover my hair as a protective style  especially during the Winter + Early Spring months. 

Flakes’ crochet earrings from the Unique + Sustainable collection

When I style with a  head scarf, I like to finish the look with a pair of cute dangly earrings.   Thankfully this awesome coat said not a problem  to all of that drama.

scarf 2.jpg

Now…about my awesome scarf. I had heard there was gonna be a vintage market in Bruce Castle Park.scarf 3 copy.jpg

 I love vintage markets, there is always so many excellent old pieces for home and fashion to choose from. At this market I was happily perusing around each table and I came across a vendor selling scarves. Scarves are my kryptonite.

The  colour pallet in my wardrobe  tends to include muted blues, deep burgundy reds and pale dogwood pink . So when I spied this dude,  I got soooo excited! Like I said, scarves are my kryptonite.  I can go ape shit over a scarf….but I will only hand over my only money for  the right scarf .

‘Flakes’ Crochet Earrings

This was the right scarf…it had all my colours. The digital print drew me in…tiny little block of delicious colour…graduating across the soft silk fabric.

I thought it was fucking amaz-balls.

Raise the roof for my garms y’all 🙂

coat 6 copy

Until next time Tiger…

.x S

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