Welcome back Tiger!!

When getting ready to shine on Valentines Night,  there is nothing more satisfying than a supa  sexilious, (yep I just made up that word lol)  supa easy updo and a pair of statement earrings.  

So here is one for you. ❤

This hair tutorial at the time recording, was inspire by the idea of  styling myself for a Valentines dinner date.

However, this hair style is great for a regular old date night with a partner, or  first date with a hottie 🙂 . Updo’s are a perfect choice for drawing attention to your neckline , it actually helps your neck to look a little longer.


Pilling hair on the crown acts just like a crown, giving you a regal , Queen look. Which is exactly who you are right? ✊ 👊 💪

bath reshoot copy
Earrings featured in the video- ‘Bathsheba’ Silver Dangle Earrings 

So from your subjects…sorry dates view point 🙂  his/her eyes will be drawn to the top of your updo. Then being drawn gently + naturally  down the rest of your body.

Use an updo to make a focus point of your cleavage too. I enjoy showing off a bit of boob sometimes.

‘Blu Butterfly’ Earrings featured in – What To Wear To A Christmas Party

Fuck yeah…I’m proud of my ladies 🙂 . When I’m getting ready to go out…or out out  🙂 and in the mood for them to be my outfits center of attention,  I make them the focus point with an updo and a pair of dangle earrings, . I opted for Blu Butterfly Earrings  from the Unique + Sustainable collection .    A bold statement necklace will also do the job.  💯
I share more styling tips for party outfits with statement earrings in this free E Book.

Until next time Tiger…

.x S

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