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As the TUT Winter Sale came to a close on Monday , I began reflecting on the ‘take aways’ from my fist time experience partaking in the Boxing day/January Sales with TUT.
Real Talk….my business didn’t make a sale…

but making income wasn’t my intention. I wanted to discover just how far I had walked away from being an anxious, eternally doubtful shell of a girl in 2016 to a blooming, happy, blissfully energy in 2017.

Earrings : Basheba Silver Dangle

After giving myself permission to have fun on the run up to Christmas , that permission moved me to write +produce ‘What to wear to a Christmas Party – Style Guide in just 6 days.. which in turn became an accidental E book. I wrote an E book…damm!!

E book –  Follow this link to download your copy!!

Writing moved me to embark on streaming Live for the first time on Facebook + Instagram discussing inner confidence + style. That leap moved me to dip my toe into FB adds.  As well as Sponsored posts on Instagram to bring attention to the E book + our Winter Sale .
One of the best and unexpected outcomes during the run up to Christmas, was feeling OK expressing my personal truths and business truths with TUT followers via Insta Stories. I’ve found my true voice😊

This feeling of steadiness I hold within me, is a measure of how much my brand + myself has propelled forward in such a tiny space of time.I appreciate all the manifestations I have received.

I appreciate the eventual turning point where by, I decided, feeling more happiness, clarity and steadiness every single day of my physical experience on earth, stood above all other aspirations.
Enjoying this ride Peeps !!!

Big tings ahead!

.x Shantell

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