Hey Tigers!!

October was quite a special month. Lots of  delightful happenings took place, which I posted on Instagram . I thought I would post here a round up of some of the happenings from the last four weeks.


TUT ‘Bathsheba’ earrings were the the first official product posted to our New Insta Shop on the gram. Both a nerve racking and exciting moment as I had been working on a way to bring a streamline TUT shopping experience to Instagram for some time.

Check out the Insta shop, this is the hashtag– #InstaShop🌴tut 

Well as you know I celebrated my birthday…which was a seriously lovely day by the way. I talked about  my  touching  birthday gift from my little sister ( and posted a pic of it) . I spent the day in the excitingly bustling, cultural city of Birmingham. I got dressed up with ‘ My Island’ earrings and my bunny ears. I also posted these earring to our new Insta shop . You can read all about my birthday , just click here .


This week featured all of the different styles in the Butterfly Collection. Here are Sun Splash, Blu and Neon . These colours excite me I can tell you. 🙂

I posted about TUT Mini Blooms Hair clips. These little guys are seriously 😍 cute.  When I made the blooms I didn’t know that they would become a hair accessory. They were so satisfying to crochet. The hard part was figuring out  how to attach them to a snap clip. To get a closer look at there little darlings  click here!!

For some time product listing has been dominating most of my time in the studio. In this post I talked again about my utter hatred for product listing….😠 but you already know of my hatred  lol …but how, I did  eventually complete  listing all  21 TUT  Giclèe Wall Art Prints to the Etsy Store . Can I get a hoooorahh!!!

‘Proud Swan’ is one of my fav illustrations in the #TUTMission100 series .  The colours really set create a mood.  I talked about why it   creates a peacefulL energy …. you can  find out why here .  Proud Swan is also a great piece as a place to start for colour  inspiration for home accessories .  To view all the TUT wall art  prints click here! While you’re there, make sure to give a ❤️ to your favorite one and Pin your favs to Pintrest.


This week more butterflies, in particular ”Neon Butterfly” . Every  earring design has a choice of different silver hooks and metal combos which are excellent for Peeps with sensitive lobes. Or if you fancy a treating yourself to something a little bit more fancy.  I talked about ways to avoid painful screaming ears by understanding what your skin needs .

Ok so lets talk weather. This year London was blessed with an  October which brought some kick ass weather. Sooooo lovely and warm  👐 . Probably not a good sign ( global warming wise) but I sure enjoyed it

However, nearing the last couple weeks, whilst still quite warm, the days got  gloomy and windy. On one particular day  I had to leave the studio to run a few errands, but outside was looking a bit dull. I knew it was defo time to bust out my cute winter accessories  but I wasn’t sure how accessorize so I would look supa cute, not mess up my hair and keep my kool on such a warm day??????

Well you can read about my fashion dilemma here.  🙂 I did however  eventually opt for  my own  Bloomin Lovely head warmer. It’s supa cozy.  Perfect choice. Whenever I put it on, I feel like a cute 1920’s Flapper Girl 🙂  There are only two of these head warmers in the whole world. However, there is only one available right here because the other one I decided to keep for myself.  🙂


Very happy that all the prints can finally be seen in the store I posted a pick of ”Her Chattel”. The delicate colours in this illustration are…well blissful. Very subtle golds, reds, blues…nice man…calming . I shared suggestions on the   best place  to hang this artwork for creating a nostalgic , uplifting vibe . 

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