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Hola Tigers!!!

With less than two weeks to go until 🌴TUT Pop Up Shop sets up in Tottenham N.15 , I’ve  began preparing myself to tackle all the different parts that need to be organised (when running an offline shop) , in order for me to feel relaxed on the day +  for the evening to run smoothly. Yeap, I put my feeling at ease before everything else.  Experience has taught me, this way round  is a far better practice for doing events. In the past I’ve spent far to much time on all shop related tasks. Only after I had completed all the jobs, would I sit down, usually some time in the early hours of the same days event, only then would I turn my attention to myself…..because I’m only the bloody Shop Seller! Not that important right?

No TUT is my baby, I must stand aside until she is taken care of.

Fast forward , many days latter. Early hours of the morning- Day of the event.

My Internal dialogue;

”Ok Shan…you did it, accomplished every detail, just before deadline cometh. You are awesome girl. Ok.. clock says, ooh really its 2.30 am? Wow… event is in er ( X amount  of hours) ,  I am overtired…. worked right through dinner….but made that dead line. Yasss! Ok belly I hear you, bed is looking good too though? Ooh let me stay up for another 10 mins coz now that I’m done with TUT stuff I probably should give some thinking time to what I may need to get through the event.  Well….food seems important.  Should I prepare a pack lunch, buy something? Hmmm  don’t think I  actually put aside any financial  provisions for food for me? Will I need to take a break during the day….if so when…who will take over? You know what, every-thing kool, I made deadline, the rest will take care of it’s self.”

Shocked Face And Action Emoji Pt 2 a better time. then, lillian, chase ...

Like I said, I’ve turned this around. Full 360.  My needs first. TUT is only as strong as I. Don’t praise me for this kinda enlightened mindset Tiger!  Coz this lesson has taken me a looooooong time to understand, appreciate, and respect. Funny, because putting health before business is what I aggressively advocate to all my business buddies.

They say doctors make the worst patients 🙂

Now, I reverse engineer this shit. Note book in hand, I think about my chief initiative- me achieving  having a relatively stress free day, me staying hydrated and maintaining ‘ happiness’ right up until the close of business. Working backwards to that goal I begin my list of preparation tasks with…

How long realistically,  am I physically able to run a TUT  shop for the day,  before it becomes to tiring mentally, or before my back pain makes things to difficult for me to concentrate?

#REALTALK  That’s why the Pop Up Shops run no longer than 4 hours long. Long enough before my belly starts to rumble, before my light snacks run out out, and my body gets weary.

Being kind to myself, 1st,  takes sooooo much work….but when I see the outcome of my efforts, it motivates me to keep up me training boo 🙂

With a few Pop Up Shops behind me now…

…nerves + anxiety  don’t seem to wanna be friends with me anymore.

My major tasks so far have been, getting myself motivated to retrieve +unpack  the  Tesco bag with all  the inventory I brought to the previous Pop Up in June. After the June Shop, I arrived home shattered and placed  the bag of items so far away from me in the corner of the studio out of sheer mental and physical  exhaustion. Needed to decompress big time from that event as I worked my buns of to get ready for that day.


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So my list of priorities will include: tackling the accessories and earrings, first, making sure none were damaged in transit. Clean up any which became dirty whilst being on display outside on that windy bastard of a day. :0 . Check inventory levels are sufficient, if not, get stock down from my new storage unit, replenish, note down what needs tags. Print new tags, cut out tags. Maybe take the opportunity to take a few shots for Instagram +  for upcoming  blog posts, as I have new 🌴TUT developments in the pipe line as well as some exciting news to reveal soon…. stay tuned…

Then I’ll take a brain  break  by swapping my attention with jewellery + hair accessories with art print inventory. Concentrating one thing for two long gets kinda boring for me.

Well Tiger, now you’ve read what this Beautifully Busy Bitch 🙂 will be up to for the next few day.

Now it’s your turn….

Tell me, what has been keeping you busy this month? Are you running yourself ragged, failing to be kind to yourself, by not placing your needs above reaching deadline?

Please reply,  because together we might just be able to bring you some overdue ease and much needed peace on this subject. Now wouldn’t that feel nice baby  🙂

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The Urban Tiger Pop Up Shop 

🌴Friday 28th  July 2017

3 pm – 7.00 pm

Situated outside: Jinny’s Beauty Shop 255 259 High RD,

South Tottenham N15 5BT

(Opposite Seven Sisters Underground Station + Costa)

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Until next time.




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