Hey there Tigers!!

I hope I’m finding you in good spirits???

So…its been a couple of Saturday’s since The Urban Tiger had it’s own POP UP Shop.

I wanted to share with you Tigers how the day  affected me personally…. as business woman….striving  to be more active with getting my company out of the studio and physically  in front of as  many eyes as possible. Also, as someone who is focused on shaping  a lifestyle of freedom + ease for herself.

Although I was initially excited about the actual day and still really proud of myself and that I achieved it … the events which unfold during Shop , brought about many difficulties for me. From reading the blog, you know I’m all about being real  shouting my highs and lows, sharing the bits of truth that business  and life makes me face from time to time.


The Story…

The weather,  I can’t convey to you  how much it tried to fuck with me. Honestly…I was totally overwhelmed. The Pop Up Shop was not weather proof, so  whatever the day had to bring I knew I would to somehow have to deal with it….which made me a little anxious to say the least.

For the whole day I fought against the winds which threatened to lift everything off the table. I couldn’t believe how windy it was. Like something out of the Wizard of Oz, you remember  that scene when Dorothy gets swept up in the whirlwind?

No joke Tigers.

BBC weather had promised it be a warm day in Tottenham….which it was….  but the wind thou???


It was sooooo bad. At one point I thought  all this wind  must be a sign telling me to pack up and go home…which I almost did, because I could feel myself getting misty eyed.  Organising  TUT’s own event was a huge deal for me.  Sending out newsletters, formulating a plan, getting all the bits in place…weeks of planning, printing,cutting snipping… staying up late…all that action to be bumped at the first hurdle by Mother Nature.   Friday…the day before ….the sun shone, it was hot hot hot, calm and beautiful.

So WTf??

My nerves were grated! I couldn’t quite layout the table display the way I desired. I wanted to have the Yarn Rings, and hair clips sitting together. However, these were to light for such gale force winds I ended up attaching them to a picture frame with tiny clothes peg.


My promo cards which I carefully printed onto crisp white card, the night before and planned to place amongst the items for passers by to pick up and chat with me about had to be taped  down to the table. I also stepped on one to avoid it running away down the street. My soles left large dirty grey foot print on it, which annoyed be thought out the day.

May I also tell you the art prints were carried clear off the table and scattered on the floor, which made me blush a little.

Oh not to mention of  the fucking  debris flew into my eyes! I swear…I took a tree home in my right eye.

Hours later, there was a moment, when the weather broke and began easing up on me. I was thankful, but  by that time I was so exhausted, and low. I remembered the Haribo in my bag I had bought as extra goodies to give to  customer.  To lift my spirits I began chowing down on a bag. That was the moment when an unexpected and to be frank unwanted visitor arrived  at the Pop Up Shop.

#REALTALK Tigers, she brought with her eye opening + shocking news.

I wasn’t prepared for what I was hearing. It rocked me to my core…almost bringing me to tears. Gotta leave you on a cliff hanger there on that conversation as it’s to personal for me to share. Needless to say…


Yeah….all kinds of  that shit happened during The Urban Tiger Pop Up Shop.  Man…what a day.

But….I kept on smiling…like a boss…because your girl is a pro, who understands and  respects the power of maintaining one’s  alignment.

And I’ll be back out there…to do it, all over again, with another fat smile on my chops!

In your lowest moments, Peeps , it can feel like the world is punishing you, pushing and shoving you into a corner, when all you are trying to do is become your best self.

In those moments, Push Back with a smile….eventually you will come to remember, nothing happens to you, but because of your desire, to become that best version of yourself.


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Until next time.




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