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Guess what?

This Bank Holiday weekend, The Urban Tiger is having its very own one day Pop Up Shop in Tottenham North London


Art prints will be available at special discounted prices for the day!

    Click here for a google map link! 

The Pop Up Shop will be showcasing  the  re- launch of handmade + up-cycled  jewellery + accessories  collections,  ‘Island Collective’ + ‘ Miscellaneous’ .  The collections include Limited Edition; earrings,  hair accessories,  head bands , broaches, rings  + head warmers. The items are made from fabric remnants I had left from previous projects and unravelled  left over yarn donated to me by Mom from her creations.

I saw  my #FreedomGoals  in a Crochet Hook…

At the time of creating these two collections,  I was very interested in how imaginative I could be with a limited amount of fabric/ yarn at my disposal. I remember, back then  I was soooo frustrated with life. Nothing seemed to be going my way.  I was itching to just  create and produce. I saw  an opportunity be spontaneous + playful   through learning how to crochet and exploring my love for up-cycling.

‘BUMBLE B’  Flower Earrings

Mom is a boss at crocheting .  For years I’d  had been watching her make magic by twisting and knotting yarn in a series of patterns around  what I thought resembled a miniature sized knitting needle.

She agreed to teach me the art, which I know secretly made her very happy to be passing on another or her passions one of her children. I was determined to understand it. Day and night for I practiced, and after for 14 days of drop stitches, yarn burns and tantrums, I finally had that shit down! After that, there was no stopping me Tiger. The Stitch Bitch in me had awoken.

‘NEON’ Butterfly Earrings

Making somthin’ new from somthin’ old is in my DNA…

I’m not sure if it’s a West Indian thing…but being Barbadian means, having trouble throwing anything away. I grew up watching mainly my Mom, turn finished ice cream tubs into Tupperware, mayonnaise jars into  home pickling jars. Finished food containers, hardly ever reached the bin.

‘MY ISLAND’ Earrings

There would be a process of scanning ,  and deep analysis for its durability as another means of saving money + utilizing what we had.  Lol. The same went for clothes…Mom, had a knack for turning old skirts into hand bags.

‘BATHSHEBA’ Earrings


She would use the elastic from trouser waist bands for  drawstrings for back packs,  fashion the lining from a coat into the lining for handmade purses.

They say ‘monkey see monkey do’.

Well, I am definitely her monkey    🙂


If you can come down to the Pop Up Shop , it would be great to see you Tigers!

The Urban Tiger Pop Up Shop 

Saturday 27th  May 2017

1pm -5pm

Situated outside: Jinny’s Beauty Shop 255 259 High RD,

South Tottenham N15 5BT

(Opposite Seven Sisters Underground Station + Costa)

Click here for a google map link! 



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