Hello Tigers take a looksy…

…this is yours truly. I Spent a good 30 mins, shamelessly, taking pics of myself under  a palm tree in this front  garden. We spent the afternoon at an old family friend’s home, during our time in Barbados.  That day I choose to wear my palm printed top and was feeling quite dapper.  I was so relaxed, the sun was making my skin glisten and my hair looked tight LOl.   When I spied the beautiful Palm in the garden, When I spied the beautiful Palm Tree in the garden, and remembering I was wearing my aptly printed top…  naturally I was convinced  that this had all the attributes of a serious selfie. This was back in 2008…so pre Instagram folks … but perfect for the photo album right???

Was I wrong? LOL.

Days earlier… this is Bath Beach, St John. The lighting was perfect. On this day my family and I took a long walk along the beach…squishing warm sand between our toes, drinking and busting jokes. As we walked I would stop to  line up long shots of beach being framed by huge swaying palm trees. I took so many pics beach shots…

Now…for me, just the sight of a Palm tree will take me back to my time spent on the beach with my family, the laughs, adventures, that beautiful front garden,  bar- b ques at Oistins. Heat, good times and shameless selfies 🙂

For lots of peeps, these botanical beauties,  are synonymous with many beautiful exotic ,tropical locations….not just Barbados…even tho I am biased. The image of a Palm has the power to help us recall all those  lazy…romantic moments,  fun filed family experiences…warm sands, crystal clear waters … as well as holidays yet to come. Yaasss!

This year, Mama’s Day falls on  Sunday 26th March 2017 .  Inspired,  I put together  this ‘ Memories + Palm Trees’ Gift Guide to help you out with ideas on how to show Mama how much she means to yah :). There is a little glam, a little sparkle and a little nostalgia.


#1 Max Mara Tropical Print Scarf

#2  The Urban Tiger  ‘Tug Truck And Palms’ MacBook  Sleeve

#3 Kai ‘Nightlight’  Palm + Coconut wax Candle

#4 Icz Stonez 18k Gold over Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Palm Tree Earrings

#5 The Urban Tiger ‘Tug Truck And Palms’ Studio Pouch

#6 Oasis Palm Tree Barkcloth & Velvet Pillows – Pair

#7 Bling Jewelry Getaway  Palm Trees Bracelet


Head over to our FaceBook Page to share your thoughts on our ‘Memories + Palm Trees♥’  Mama’s Day Gift Guide. Tell me, what memory do Palm Trees make you think of?

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