Hey there Tigers…

A simple way of  injecting more of YOU into your home  is by embracing  this season’s catwalk colour trends. I put together 3 Home Accessories Inspiration Boards as  guides on how to do just that… simply using 3 of this season’s hot designer colour pallets.

If you missed it…here is #1 Home Accessories- ‘Red Flame Red Based Orange’.

Tigers, today’ s inspiration board embraces the catwalk colour trend Ethereal White. This is where you say Ooooh,  aahhh and possibly wooooow  🙂




#1 Pineapple Shower Curtain

#2 Lena Copper Coffee Table M&S

#3 Torso Bathmat Cold Picnic

#4 Henson Club Chair, Natural – Bungalow 5

#5  Dcor 140 Lili 13x13x21.5 Indoor Table Lamp – Gold

#6 The Urban Tiger The EYE Art Print & The EYE Printable Art Download

Pintrest Carolina Herrera Catwalk  pin- courtesy of  Kinky Potion Portion


Quite Lux…classic + kool!  This tone is defo to add a Spring Clean vibe to any room . Don’t be afraid to be playful…this is not a colour where you can get it wrong. Perfect for peeps who wanna  create a gallery style or gallery ready space.

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The next inspiration board….

will be Niagara Denim Blue.

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Until next time.




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