Happy New Year Tigers!

How are you feeling?  It’s been cold cold cold in the studio.  My little electric heater is struggling to keep me warm…but I do appreciate it’s effort lol.

Have you been hearing or seeing this phrase all over the place?

‘’New Year, New YOU’

I can tell you …I bloody hate it. It grinds my gears.

Yes it’s a new year…New month… two new digits to represent the new year

…..but I’m the same me.  Don’t you feel like you are the same you? Whats so wrong with that?

Why must we think of ourselves as having to turn into this whole new person as soon a January rolls around in order to have the next 12 months of our dreams?
I refuse to accept this myth.  Many moons ago I made the decision to quit setting resolutions. It was a complete waste of  time as I never stuck to any of them.  Instead I decided  I would  make new stronger intentions.

New Years Intentions.

Feels as great as it sounds to read Tiger.

This practice is far more cleansing. As my sole intention( each day) is to feel awesome,  follow my bliss + feel more freedom  in my life. Worrying about staying consistent with those kinda thoughts  is really not a worry I have to worry about.


Just before Christmas  I shared on our Instagram stories…

…one of two of my major goals for 2017. Which is to take The Urban Tiger to wholesale within 3 months. This means preparing the company to be ready to seek out stockists to carry our goodies.  Typing this is making me supa excited dude …because I call this goal…my Freedom Goal.

Proudly I can inform you that I am currently slaying !!  Ticking shit off my  planner every couple of days. Getting closer and closer to my freedom goal peeps!!


All down too using this pretty awesome strategy…

…Reverse Engineering.  Simply put, you start with the end goal in mind. Then work  out the process in reverse to reach that goal.  Thinking backwards helps keep you focused and narrow down the fastest way to achieve the end result. This way you are  more acutely aware of the ACTUAL  tasks…not the creative ones…the hard difficult not so fun tasks required.


I had heard of the technique in the past but never really understood how to apply it until I listened to a podcast episode from my  girl Tara Gentile talk about this and break it down smoothly 🙂   Tara is a kick ass business strategist. My go to guru.


I know how pumped the New Year  can make you feel….

Making fresh  goals is so easy.  I also  know  that with the best intentions, staying accountable on those  can be a real struggle. As using the reverse strategy is helping me so much so, I wanted to share it with you.  No matter  what  it is you desire  to slay… starting a new business, launching a product, getting  a promotion , buying your first home, handing in coursework on time, achieving  that certificate  or  planning  that much needed holiday  you have been dreaming about.  Anything. …anything that with will bring you freedom, ease, joy + happiness in 2017…reverse engineering  will help you to simplify the steps  and get YOU to your Freedom Goal faster.



Like I said Tara applies this method within a business context. However, listen carefully, the strategy  is applicable to any  personal goal.

How did this episode make you feel?

Stronger, clearer, motivated? Will you take action?  Head over to our Face Book and leave your comments using the #FreedomGoals2017 so we can start a discussion. Don’t forget to share your Freedom Goal for 2017 with us too!!



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Until next time.



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