Hi Tigers!!

I’ve always loved the concept of Vlogmas on YouTube. If you have no idea what i’m talking about…Vlogmas is when a YouTuber makes a video everyday in December. After living in shared accommodation for years, couple of Christmas’s ago I achieved one of my biggest goals of moving into my own home…and for the first time celebrated  Chrismas alone.  Whilst browsing YouTube I came across vlogmas vids by Frannerd.  She is an Chilean Illustrator. I tuned in everyday…watching back to back vids…I was hooked. im-doing-newsletterThey kept me company over Christmas. From those Vlogmas vids I got to know her, her husband, her cats 🙂  and I felt like I made a new friend. Sounds weird right?? From then on, each time  she posts a vid about anything I tune in…because I genuinely this dude.

I’ve often wondered if I had the will power to join in with this daily festive activity…what would I vlog about….and could I really sustain filming,editing and uploading a video every day???  I decided I would give it a go, inspired by the thought that after watching my Vlogmas vids, you Tigers, would get to know me better and maaaaaybe feel like you just made a new friend too 🙂



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Until next time.



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