Hi Tiger’s

A few weeks ago ( near the end of October)  in an effort to be even more sociable on social media lol, I decided to ask TUT followers on Instagram if they had any burning questions about the brand, my  inspiration, influences behind the illustrations or anything at all.  As with most things I do in terms of social media, this was very impromptu action. I asked people to DM me on Instagram with what they wanted to know, then  I’d answer  any questions I received within 24hours  live on  Instagram Stories.


I usually feel quite at home  in front the camera as I’ve been a YouTube Creator for many years now. However, the Instagram Stories format doesn’t allow for editing out all the glitches and stuttering…umms and arhhhs etc. There is a terrifying thrill in speaking Live.  I really enjoyed it…but I wasn’t half knackered when I finished. Hopefully I can do another Q&A soon. I’ll let you know.

If you missed it Live on Instagram here is the replay.

I post updates on what’s going on in the studio on  Instagram Stories too!

The New Print Shop is where you can find all the illustrations available as art prints. Shopping on line can be daunting so there are test print samples available too . To Get 25% off your first TUT order, join The TIGERS today.


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Until next time.




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