TUTMission100 WEEKS 7-8 !!!


Hi Tiger’s

I posted the mood board I used for inspiration here. All the tools and materials can be found here. I talk about choosing subjects to draw here and how I create the backgrounds for pieces way in advance here.  You can shop for  illustrations /paintings influenced by Nature here , my Barbados Adventures  here.   If you missed weeks 1 + 2 you can take a looksy at those  here, weeks 3 + 4 are right here. Ok so lets do this….

TUTMission100 WEEKS 7+ 8


DAY 44

For some reason I have two paintings marked as Day 44. Mistakes happens. 🙂  . Self portrait. Now you have seen it, you have to marry me lol lol lol. A  liberating piece. Not a view I enjoyed at the time. For years I had trashed talked  my body. Absolutely  hated the curve of my belly. So I took a few pics of myself…and made myself the subject. I love painting nudes, now I have one of me. Fought the battle of Self Loathing…and my inner Warrior of LOve won out. This is a personal fav.

DAY 45


DAY 46

This day is all about one of my fury Boo’s.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


DAY 47

Work in progress of day 47. The ‘Cock It Back’ Up-cycled and hand printed jumper dress from 2013 Hard & Sweet collection. You can view the whole collection right here.

DAY 47


DAY 48


DAY 49

Work in progress pics of day 49 . I wanted to illustrate another garment from our 2013 Hard & Sweet collection. Doux-Doux lace Bolero  is one of my favorite designs.

I remember how proud I was of myself,  when I finally nailed drafting the pattern and then production. That lace was soooo fiddly to work with. No money at the time to produce a multiples of pieces, I had the bright ideas to create an Up-cycled collection. I really wanted to feature lace so I used what little money I had in my bank account to by a few yards of lace in black and this beautiful royal blue. You can view the whole collection right here.

DAY 50

The half way point. I was so thrilled to reach this far, my excitement and pride seeped into this piece. This is an illustraion of Blu Butterfly earrings from our sustainable collection of jewellery.

Often I chose to work on top of a of papers I had been using  as test papers. These are random bits of paper that sat next to me so I could test the consistency of the ink , colours , or words I would ponder on. They made really interesting backgrounds.

As you know I am a lover of hand script in art work. This test paper had a mix of squiggles,  and the words ‘Take Control’ were dead center on the paper.


DAY 51

A Cockral I photographed in the yard of my cousins house in Barbados. It was during painting this I realized that watercolour alone was not gonna realize my vision.   I needed experiment with more opaque media. Gouache here I come lol.

DAY 52

Ahhhhh I had to  be soooo sneaky to achieve this one. I was dating this dude, who has remained a close friend. He had no idea that I snapped pics of him as he was sleeping. I had wanted to paint him soooo bad , but he is a very modest guy.  I absolutely looooove how this turned out.

Couldn’t of got the deep colours the Gouache. Yes…I got me some Gouache. He sponsored the purchase, as well as other materials I was running low on.  First time using it….and fell straight in love.  Continued to fuse it with watercolours for the rest of the days ahead.

This dude was very supportive of the Mission, and very interested in my work. It was he who encouraged me to do this mission when I brought up the idea to him. Nobody in my life knew about the Mission. Each day of the 100 days I’d show him pics and how I was feeling.

Four months is a really long time to do anything each day. I appreciate the support, and love I received from him. It was important for me to paint him. To make him part of the story of the Mission.

Thanks Dude. Peace & Appreciation .xx

DAY 53

Got an obsession with clouds. This view is of the end of my road. I place I like to stand and gaze upwards. For some reason the clouds look awesome from this vantage point.

Soon learned whilst trying to capture this set, the lights the darks…that clouds are a bitch to paint!! Much more difficult than I had given credit. 🙂

DAY 54

My sunglasses 🙂 I enjoy seeing illustrators and artist tackle this subject. Still life has played a huge part in my art studies over the years. I wanted to see what I could do with these.


DAY 55

This self portrait really evolved  as I worked on it. This wasn’t my initial vision….but I kept exploring myself. I love how this came out.


DAY 56

A portrait of my nerdy ‘Toby’ Specs.


DAY 57

So here is the story. Remember The Dude I mentioned above. Well during a long long phone call with him… we had been chatting for over an hour or so… we suddenly got cut off.  I assumed he would call me back immediately…you know because we got cut off 🙂 . After 10 mins  I decided to call  him back….to his surprise. As we had been speaking for so long he thought it weird for us to continue the conversation. Basically, he had no intention of resuming the call. I got the impression he thought I was acting a little needy.  Well that made think about myself. These were my series of  thoughts

Am I a needy person?? Am I that girl??

Am I lonely??

No, i’m not built like that.

He is just loved by me…that’s how I love. 

This happened on day 57. It became Day 57.

DAY 58


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