Introducing the #TUTMISSION 100 DAYS pics and video


Hiya Tiger’s

#FINALLY rolling out this TUTMission  to you guys. Whilst trying to get the images photographed, edited to post on here and to upload onto the past collections gallery on the website I’ve convinced myself to put a few up in the shop over the August and September so  art prints/ printables would be ready in time for  Autumn. Which incidentally I am still doing now. There are a few already up in the Digital shop and Print shop if you wanna take a gander.




It’s taking me a little longer than planed… but jeezzz 100 mini paintings and illustrations are no joke to sift and sort through 🙂


For an easy life I’m  taking a tip from one of my favorite illustrators/ maker Lee May Foster of Bonbi Forest ( who by the way is nearing the end of her 100 day challenge).. of grouping all the paintings into weeks rather than days.  I’ll post selected days on Instagram using the hashtag #TUTMission100 if you wanna follow along there too.

If you can’t wait until week….errrr im not sure what number the final week  is…but you know what I mean…the last week 🙂 here is a video I shot straight after completing Day 100. Warning I am a little emotional and overwhelmed  and having trouble putting sentences together lol.

The New Print Shop is where you can find all the illustrations available as art prints. Shopping on line can be daunting so there are test print samples available too . To Get 25% off your first TUT order, join The TIGERS today.


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Until next time.




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