Featured in The Digital Shop  are the five illustrations. These were the result of a challenge I set myself to create a series of artwork , having never created a body of work before. Each illustration has its own starting point…its own story of creation.


Hi Tigers!!

I want to share the story of  Hidden Mona with you.

P5 ‘Hidden Mona’ digital download printable


#REALTALK …Piece 5 didn’t exist as part of the collection originally. It wasn’t until I had wrapped up the series that this became a contender. Here is why…



…I hate uneven numbers. ..3’s ,5’s ,9’s aesthetically sit really well with me.  I wanted a series of five pieces , but alas my little grey cells in my head were tired. I was at a lost to conjure up another image that I felt  happy with and complimented the previous art work. Reluctantly I accepted that this was going to be a four piece effort. Yuk!


2 small


Throughout the creative progress I had  felt drawn to the  hidden ‘Mona’  (featured on the lower right hand side of piece three and four). I could see this being a really cool silk screened fabric print. So I played around with it and came up with what you see here. That’s when the  Light bulb moment happened… ‘Ohh this would make a cool piece of wall art too!’  However, there was sooo much black maybe to much to translate into an Art piece. Loosely translated to ‘Shantell doesn’t have the confidence to defend and own it.. just like I had felt about  all the white space in P4 The EyE.




Forward some weeks later after I’ve  finished the series, I’m surfing Amazon and come upon  a book with illustrations  done by the author. In his book the author references that all the illustrations in the book are available for purchase as prints on his website. Each illustration was basically a black canvas with very little white in them at all.

Inspired I decided to add hidden Mona to the collection as my Number 5.

Hidden Mona  is up in the Digital Shop as a 8 x 10 ( 188mm x 238mm ) instant download printable. Take a looksy here!



The preparation behind opening an online shop was a slightly overwhelming but very exciting. Featured in the shop is a series of illustrations which are  an ongoing development of artwork for a clothing collection I planed to unleash…but didn’t come into fruition. You can read more about the inspiration for the full series here! 


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Until next time.




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