Eye See You …

Featured in The Digital Shop  are the five illustrations. These were the result of a challenge I set myself to create a series of artwork , having never created a body of work before. Each illustration has its own starting point…its own story of creation.


Hi Tigers!!

 I wanted to share the story of  ‘The Eye’ with you.

'P4' 30 x 24 Downloadable -The Urban Tiger logo larger
P4 ‘The EyE’ digital download printable

I am not afraid of white space on a canvas. I feel it is a measure of the creators confidence. I am a self confessed day dreamer…I talk to myself all the time. I am my greatest listener and my worst critique.  White space is captured and utilized in the same way as I would use gold or orange to highlight something  important in a  story.

the eye in sketchbook

‘The EyE’ is the fourth piece. However, I  created this way ahead of the other pieces . Its an original  ink painting , no digital rendering. It was an opportunity to put pen to paper which the process of the series brought to my attention  is very important  action in order for me to feel an emotional connection with my work.



 I liked it immediately but I struggled to find the faith to believe I could stand by this piece in the face of someone responding to it as over simplistic, devoid of bold colours and shapes like the other pieces in the series. It took me months to understand that simplicity is the boldest statement of all.

 The EyE is up in the Digital Shop as a 8 x 10 ( 188mm x 238mm ) instant download printable. Take a looksy here!


2 small

The preparation behind opening an online shop was a slightly overwhelming but very exciting. Featured in the shop is a series of illustrations which are  an ongoing development of artwork for a clothing collection I planed to unleash…but didn’t come into fruition. You can read more about the inspiration for the full series here! 


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Until next time.



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