Featured in The Digital Shop  are the five illustrations. These were the result of a challenge I set myself to create a series of artwork , having never created a body of work before. Each illustration has its own starting point…its own story of creation.


Hi Tigers!!

I want to share the story of  Tug Truck And Palms with you.


'P3' 10 x 8 Downloadable - The Urban Tiger
P3 Tug Trucks And Palms – digital download printable

When I relax…let go and let myself play creatively, I witness a different side of myself. I wish I could harness that part of my character more frequently, reliably and easily…like turning  on a light switch. Piece 3 was one of those ‘let go moments’. I sat on the computer and brought all the memories of Barbados that make me smile. I have a longtime love a affair with B.dos ( as we call it at home). I hope to make that Island my home some day. I wanted to tell a story full of moments which warm my heart, but it was difficult to choose just one thing to represent them all. As I played around with iconic images I felt identifiable to my story…this piece happened.


8 x 10 instant download



One morning  my family and I took the walking route to the beach..we passed the four palms tall palms you see in the background, then we came upon a forest, stumbled on a natural waterfall and arrived at Bath Beach. To date this experience is top on the list of adventures  I experienced on the Island.

Palm trees are synonymous with the Caribbean..a symbol which resonates deeply within me. In this piece I there was an  opportunity to add the work in process to creating ‘My Mona’. I wanted to be playful so I added that element in.




As a rule, I try not to take life to slow take time to notice the little moments…my environment. The Barbadian lifestyle is such. We are a complete match of vibrations..ease and freedom. Feelings I try to depict in all my creations.



Tug Truck and Palms   is up in the Digital Shop as a 8 x 10 ( 188 mm x 238 mm ) instant download printable. Take a looksy here!7



The preparation behind opening an online shop was a slightly overwhelming but very exciting. Featured in the shop is a series of illustrations which are  an ongoing development of artwork for a clothing collection I planed to unleash…but didn’t come into fruition. You can read more about the inspiration for the full series here! 


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Until next time.



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