Hi Tigers!!


There are five illustrations in the series, inspired by my experiences and adventures in Barbados and photography taken on my many adventures on the Island.


This series is a mix of illustration, and digital editing of photography. Amongst the collection is  a blown up original painted in the Lux Indian ink. Can you guess which one that is?


The art is ongoing development of the Hard & Sweet  prints and illustrated textile  art I designed many years ago for a print collection of jersey women’s wear I was planing on unleashing onto the world. For many reasons that project didn’t come into fruition.  The original work was created for eventual screen printing onto fabric. I’m heavily influenced by that method of printing. I think in 2D quite a lot and and always on the look out for images that would make the most amazing  silk screened prints.



1 mona pic

I turned the illustrations in to peasy  8 x 10 (  188mm x 238mm) instant digital download printables for a convenient way to receive and enjoy illustrated art. You can take a looksy at the Digital Shop right here dude!


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Until next time.



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