Episode #4 Behind-The -Scenes VLOG | Zip Files + Print Shop Opens

Hi Tigers!

Here is the Episode #4 of the Behind -The – Scenes series. This is the finale. I really enjoyed sharing this process with you. I feel a little sad that its over 😦

If you like the video I’d appreciate a Thumbs Up. Let me know your thoughts or just leave me a  ‘Hi’ in the comment box below the video on YouTube.

As this is the last T.U.T newsletter for this year, I wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

See you in 2016 Tigers!!!

In case you missed Episode #3 or any of the vids in the Behind -The – Scenes series, you can watch them all here

If you have a friend that you feel would enjoy the illustrations  or the printables in the Pop-Up Print Shop then share this post or the links below:
1st Art Series
Pop-Up Print Shop.


The Print Shop will be open for 100 Days only from November 20th 2015 -February 28th 2016.

If you haven’t already- GO CHECK IT OUT

The prints are a series of colourful, bold and tranquil illustrations. To inspire, uplift, acknowledge and reignite your connection to your inner smile.

p4 newsletter upload

Read The Story Behind ‘P4’ The EyE- from the ‘1st Art Series

The series is  inspired by my adventures and experiences in Barbados + my ever growing admiration for all that is natural, powerful + groovy about the Afro.

Until next year!

P.S  a great way to lend yourSUPPORT both to your girl and The Urban Tiger  through Amazon.  co.uk is right here



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