Hiya Tiger!

I totally fudge up my words in this update lol. I also dispel any doubts about printable art not  looking fantabulous printed on simple photocopier paper. Trust me, you’re gonna wanna see this.   I don’t want you to miss out on the next preview….which is coming soon.

Here is how to GET on the preview list.

Ok so here is the 2nd video.



The Print Shop will be open for 100 Days only from  November 20th 2015 -February 28th 2016. 
The prints are a series of colourful, bold and tranquil illustrations. To inspire, uplift, acknowledge and reignite your connection to your inner smile.


Shop for this printable here


The series is  inspired by my adventures and experiences in Barbados + my ever growing admiration for all that is natural, powerful + groovy about the Afro.

In case you missed the 1st behind the scenes  video you can watch it here


Ok dude, will you stand with me, help me to promote the shop opening.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

Re- tweeting this: @TheUrbanTiger_ reignite your connection to your inner smile! – wall art printables coming soon…  http://bit.ly/1LZ06jd

Sharing this  this link to the website  with just ONE friend. ONE friend who you feel would enjoy and benefit from knowing the artwork exists.

Or simply use your words -tell ONE friend. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

Thank you friend xx

P.S  a great way to lend your SUPPORT both to your girl and The Urban Tiger  through Amazon.  co.uk is right here

Until next time,



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