I’m moving my ass at top speed on this for you!!!


I’ve taken on a project that both excites me like the smell of fresh candy floss and puts the wellies up me like the thought of being at the park, on Halloween night, trapped on the swings by a runaway dog!

Your girl, has been working on opening her first Print Shop.

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I moving at top speed….

The Print Shop will host the 1st Art Series in various size formats, so right now I am occupardo with re-sizing, editing and experimenting a lot of the time with what image translate well in what width by length. There is seriously shit loads to-do and shit loads to plan, before all the shit loads to-do, gets did. However, I’m voluntarily putting myself in a tale spin and moving my ass at top speed on this because I want you to have the opportunity to GET a piece as wall art for a loved one as an uplifting Christmas gift.
 Art Print Shop print image
View full series here

The Print Shop will be open for 100 Days…

I wanna keep this project fun and in no way overwhelming. So the print shop will be open for a short time-100 days, from November 20th 2015 -February 28th 2016. Prints will be available as quick and convenient  printables- which means you will GET your print as an instant digital download. I’ll hit you up in a few days with more details.
SIDE NOTE:Blimey! Do you know the closing date will mark one year on from my doing  #TUTMISSION! Feb 26th was actually Day 1.

#Finally Woman

 Re-opening an online shop  has been my dream since closing my first in early 2013, and  my subject of analysis paralysis for well over 5 months. Soooo I really did have plenty of time to do this opening slowly and methodically, but frankly I was scared. To quote the great U2 song I was ‘Stuck in a moment’, I couldn’t get the terrible pain and embarrassment of failing so miserably with TUT the first time round out of my head. So I am supa supa pleased to finally be able to share this news of opening my shop with you. Taking action on project ‘Print Shop’ proves to me that  vibrationally I am releasing discord and re-directing my energy up stream baby.
Read my story here.
Read my story here.


Ok dude, lets interact. Tell me. Whats been the subject of your analysis paralysis? A goal, a step, something you really really really want to achieve but you can’t help second guessing yourself over it. What thoughts have you ‘Stuck in a moment’? Lets talk it out dude I’m listening. Sharing helps to break down the anxiety the mind + body injects into it. Also sharing may also help others in our TUT community that may be experiencing a similar struggle to you.

Er…also I’m hella nosey…..and honestly… I’d like to be all up in your business. Ha ha he he!

Leave your comments below this post.

Can’t wait to hear about what’s going on with you friend.

Until next time,

P.s a  great way to SUPPORT both your girl and The Urban Tiger through Amazon .co.uk is right here.
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