20150512_172930_Richtone(HDR)_1_1 Hiya!! I’m busy busy  busy on the next collection of backgrounds. What I like to refer to as a ‘background’ is the story (image)  which sits behind the featured story ( what I paint that day) in the foreground. I spend an hour or two churning these out, experimenting  in every which way to create movement, expression, an image which would work just as well as a finished painting it’s self. 20150512_172700_4 On background day that’s all  that matters to me.  I don’t concern myself  with what may or may not eventually be painted on top. I love this  process…it feeds me dude!  I stick  in my ear buds..turn the sound up real real high…and fall into the music… letting the ink flow. Can I say it’s close to orgasmic? To far…have I gone tooo far? He he he. Right now my Daler Rowney 1″ Flat brush is doing a crazy multi line thing…all by it’s self. I didn’t do anything…just dipped in diluted indian ink and this happened.  Reminds me of a sound wave. Liking  it!  Black ink on white paper is magical and makes me happy but in the spirit of staying playful, I’m  expanding to more colourful backgrounds this time round . Dude these ink spots with these inky sound waves ahhhhh! picture1433857918_1 After these little guys dry they be will get stacked up. On the morning of a new painting ill thumb through backgrounds to choose the one that feels like a good match with the subject for that day.  This practice makes me feel gutsy as I have  no clear sense of how it will turn out…..also feels a little magical too.

I’m often inspired to create new collaborations with ink  for  backgrounds .  Click right here to subscribe, I’ll be sure to drop you an email update on my inky doings and experiments. The new Art Series comprises of five illustrated pieces. Only one is an original painting in the luxurious Indian Ink. I bet you can’t guess which one that is?  The collection is available to view right here. Each piece has a red Pin It button. Go ahead and share the  piece you enjoy the most on Pintrest by pressing the Pin It button. The more people who know about The Urban Tiger the more people I can make smile through my work. Thanks in advance! Until next time Tiger. .x


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