IMG_20150207_135720_120150520_170404_Richtone(HDR)_1 20150203_134339_120150501_094421_Richtone(HDR)_120150203_134059_2 Hey Tiger,

Clarity is king in my world, so of course I work to a mood board…all the time. It serves me with confirmation and clarification…and who doesn’t enjoy being served 🙂 . As a trained  Fashion Product Developer…hmmm that sounds impressive don’t it lol…. let me rephrase this  so  I don’t sound like a dick.  At university  we were trained in the art of working conceptually.  Our tutors would hand us a new project brief  of the new collection assignment.  Each project was broken down, describing, the fabrics we were to concentrate on, silhouette, ( shape and cut of the garment) and  who we were designing for (in marketing terms..our target  audience) and lastly the time frame. I’m a very methodical individual. Shifting and weaving design ideas around a  strict brief aided me with structure and clarity and that shit is like honey to bear for a  highly organised  freak of a Libran. I haven’t changed my practice since leaving good old KIAD (my university) behind me.  I continue to work this way personally and professionally...if it ain’t broke…right?

Through a lot more ERROR  than trial…

..I am supa amazing at  identifying the exact point in any process where I have fallen short of sticking to this system..a system whic works. That very same point is when Shantell loses her focus, sense of direction and gaines herself  unnecessary sadness and disappointment. So I curated this board some days before beginning the Mission. Which made getting on  with the business of creating  and making myself smile each and every day that little bit smother. Who knew ink and paper cut out shapes could excite a grown ass woman. 🙂

My inky mood board  inspires the backgrounds to the daily paintings. In the next post I go into detail on why this process matters. Click here to subscribe, I’ll drop you an email with that blog post in your inbox. Resistance is an unwelcomed visitor to my studio. She doesn’t stay long, I know how to make her leave. Read how I do this here.  I did my degree in Fashion Product Development  at Kent Institute of Art & Design, now called UCA. On Instagram I’ve  posted a #Throwback to a sexy little number I made for my graduate collection in 2004. Click here to view. Lastly could you do me a solid? Share this post with someone that matters to you. The more people who know about  The Urban Tiger, the more people  I  can connect together through my work. Thanks in advance!

Until next time.


P.s  It’s Day 69. Hoorahh!!


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