Hi Tigers!! Ha he he, ok   that was a touch dramatic lol, but dude I’ve been doing this for 48 days  that’s like almost  two months…that needs a dramatic intro.  So the last time we spoke, I  explained WHY? I was inspired to embarked on this mission. It’s worth a read for anybody who feels entrapped or limited by their own fears. let me finally reveal HOW (along with the mantras)  I have been transforming my mind-set, building confidence,  boosting self value and creating all around good vibes in the studio each day.

Once I accepted my fears and insecurities..

…were literally getting in the way of my  progress with  T.U.T becoming a business, I set myself on a path to remold my thinking, to increase my self esteem, my confidence in my skills and become comfortable and excited about publicizing and promoting my work. I had real problems with all of the that.

So this is what I decided to do.

Inspired by the many many online art challenges, and  artists who have taken them on, I set in motion my own personal  100 day challenge. Each week day, I must paint one  piece of art. Culminating in a series of of 100 small paintings.  At the end of  the challenge each piece must then be publicized online everyday over another 100 days. I must expose the art to the far reaches the internet, making sure it graces as many eyeballs as possible online as well as offline exposure.

Yep scary shit.

I’ve adopted a little routine. Every morning I paint, making it the first thing to do ..unless its a day when I train my body then I’ll paint after that.  Some mornings I’m just not feeling the drive to draw so I’ll leave it until the end of the day. I won’t check emails,tweets or my beloved Instagram before sitting down to create (unless I begin in the evening). Recently, I’ve started putting my phone on silent until i’m done.

Of course just like the last series there are rules.  Mine are have fun and stay free within the creative process.

I think I was trying to hard to be imaginative…

…because the first two weeks were soooo physically draining lol. No really those first 14 days I had very little energy after each piece that Iwould often eat and crash out for the rest of the day!  I guess the excitement went to my head. This mission has been a really great daily


practice.  Procrastination has not been an option. To get a piece done each day I’ve had to be realistic with my time. I can’t spend all day paintings I’ve got admin to do and heck those dishes and laundry wont wash themselves, so I don’t take my subject that day, or myself to seriously serious. I try  not to get hung up on the details. It’s been really rewarding to be able to look over all this work..48 pieces. Gosh so much art in so little time.  By adopting a daily practice of actually staying disciplined to make art,  I’ve produced and completed more work in this short period of time than I have completed ..or more often than not left uncompleted.. in over 20 odd years.


As the days roll on…

…I’m understanding myself a little better. My concentration levels in particular. After 2hours I begin to wain…but if im in the zone I can push to 3hrs but no more. I simply loose interest. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that there is an Art to creating art. Ones own judgement & trust needs be honoured by  ones self .THE CREATOR .  Feeling the  confidence to execute both are what makes someone an Artist.

I’m becoming a bit of a dab hand at working in a series. Remember when I got all stressed out and pissed whilst  creating my first ever? Lol… well that art is up on the website. It can be viewed by clicking right here. To get these posts in your inbox…ohh wouldn’t that be handy? …click here to subscribe and I’ll make sure you don’t miss out on any new updates on this mission or anything else I get up to.  Also can I ask you to do me a solid and share this post with your friends. The more people who know about The Urban Tiger the more people I can touch with my work.
Thanks in advance.




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