3 Booty Shaking Mantras For Getting Brave and Staying Focused

I’m an Ashtanga nerdo. If you are too this is a great book Ashtanga Yoga- The Practice Manual David Swenson

With the Sun making guest appearances over London, everybody I pass along the streets of Tottenham seems to be in lighter mood. The heat has certainly had a positive effect on me too. I’ve been taking more walks to the park and day dreaming (more than usual). The longer lighter evenings have me drifting into rose coloured thoughts of future projects I’d like to do with T.U.T .

Hmmm…every so often…

those rosey thoughts are rudely interrupted by Resistance. The mission is going well. I’m feeling cool. More confident within myself. Ahhh…but Resistance knows how to play hard ball! My solution, has been to shoot it dead with with a killer mantra.  Mantras are sooo powerful.


I have a plenty in my  ‘be brave and focused’ tool kit. Here are my particular ass kicking, hard hitting, soul tingling favorites which so far have not failed to free my mind to think bigger💡 and shake  my booty in the process💃

‘Persistence can’t handle fear’.

Mark Yarnell

‘..I’m fucking tired of being poor!…’

Ashely Longshore

Ashley Longshore on the Freshrag podcast speaking about what fueled her actions get her paintings seen everywhere and get paid her worth.

OK… this next one straightens me out every time. I say this at the moment I feel myself shudder at the thought of reaching out or networking with someone who is a big hitter..you know ahead of the game? Just talking to that kind of influencer could really help to further T.U.T but I feel I’m to small and to insignificant to bother him or her.

…true…power is knowing you are beneath no one…’

Deepak Chopra

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Feeling good after reading these mantras? Great..now get up Tiger. Go make your shit happen!

Until next time


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