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I don’t allow comments on the blog because just like you

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24 3 15

Hey Tigers!

I’ve been away from the blogging sphere for a wee while. Along with experimenting with all the ways to wear the many crochet scarves I stitched over the Winter…I have been trying to think of key ways to improve my personal development. Most of my February was spent
convincing myself that I needed to let go of my limiting thoughts by taking drastic measures. March has been spent implementing
an idea to do just that.

Limiting thoughts holding me back…
Nobody will every pay money for your shit so lets not publicize it OK?
Girl you are not good enough to succeed with TUT…accept this.
People won’t understand your work…they will reject you so lets not bother.


I have been crippled by those thoughts for years. Weirdly… until a few weeks ago I had no idea those beliefs were impacting on all aspects of my personal life.
I was with a close friend telling him about the challenge I was planning to embark on. As we talked about my irrational fears we both came to the disturbing conclusion that these negative beliefs are actually the way I view myself as a whole. I carry my fear of rejection, low self esteem and a need for validation into personal relationships with the opposite sex, friendships and family relationships! I can tell you…that convo opened my eyes.

Sing with me…”I can see clearly now……

I spend lots of time day dreaming about all the wonderful projects I want to embark on…the visual/ musical artists and designers I would
love to collaborate with in the future.

I would love to travel to Paris and spend four days sketching EVERYTHING with the view to create a new Art collection. A solo pop up exhibition…that would be amaz-balls!!!

Now YOU tell me, how can those dreams every become a reality if I keep focusing on my fears? If I keep allowing my emotions to rule my ass? I refuse to stand in my own way.



24 3 15 secon pic post pic
A new way of thinking…

To do this I set myself a huge challenge. It’s action …HUGE action to finally free myself. The aim is to learn to become FIT…MENTALLY!!!
Condition my emotions over a period of time. To alter my thinking by giving my actions and focus a meaning and a purpose. A challenge is a system
that works amazingly well for me. I set the end goal, visualize that shit and work with tunnel vision each day on achieving the result. I enjoy recording
and monitoring the way I am feeling during the process by keeping a diary. I learn significantly more about myself through reading over my past thoughts.
I’ll tell you, taking action to change myself …my life…. is scary dude…but a must. Heck , if I don’t do this right now what else will I have to write about?

My ultimate goal is to continue my journey…continue sharing my story with all of you, in the hope that my efforts may help others to get off their phat bottoms
and design the lifestyle of their choosing for themselves. To do that I must lead by example. I’m totally into this challenge…fuck that …this MISSION. I began
it over two weeks ago. It has been a mission to get through so far. Some days I kick it’s ass…other days I get my ass firmly booted….but each day I end up the winner 😉

Although I have talked about WHY? I’m on a mission , right now I don’t feel ready to share HOW + WHAT? I’m doing or my progress with anybody
except my Newsletter Hommies (which I will be doing real soon). SIGN UP. I’m pretty tight with my list …I share all my news with them first as well
exclusive content which will never reach the blog! We are a cool and supportive community 🙂 When the time is right…when I’m finding my rhythm Ill post
more about my efforts on here. However, I will share this little snippet of info before I go…this mission involves a ALOT of Winsor & Newton drawing ink!

Until next time Tigers .X

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