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The Urban Tiger: Fashion| Art| Design by Shantell Bancroft

Along with being a Winter Stitch Bitch, I also make enjoy curating
books to cuddle up with over the cold months. I’m like a little squirrel.
First I familiarize myself with my inventory by pulling out all the unread
books bought during that year. Next Ill take a trip to the library and
thumb through some titles…will probably borrow a book or two. Lastly,whilst
out doing food shopping I’ll impulsively detour into into a few charity
shops to scan whats on offer.

It may sound crazy but just like the crochet projects, it’s my Winter tradition

and I look forward to the
process. There is something romantic about it. Yes… I am single,
I don’t got now mans. If you’re stuck for something to excite your
dry eyeballs this season,I also pin the books I’ve read on a pintrest.

The last novel of the summer was a really good thriller centered
around the history of an American plantation estate. However, I
was no hurry to finish it. I let it dribble slowly into September…
October…and then November.

So when this book rocked up in a box of Tupperware I packed for
the new flat I knew I had to do the right thing. I finished that
shit thing and returned to once it came ( the library). Arrrhg…. I dread to
think what I owe in fees. 😦

Anywho…my official reading book for the winter and also the
first book of the year is Justine Picardie’s Coco Chanel. It’s an
authoritative account based on observations and interviews with
Chanel’s closest friends. I plan to watch the movie when I’m done
with the book.

#REAL TALK… I actually have a slight fascination with Mademoiselle Chanel.
From my research she was driven by a need for change in attitudes
on femininity at the time and meticulously built her brand around this.
Chanel had a distinct vision of luxury down to what colours she used.
She understood her power and felt a responsibility to her female
audience to lead to lead them.

reading coco close up pic

Chanel experienced  a very poor and unhappy upbringing and would fabricate the truth to reinvent her life.I think this was a coping mechanism.
She never  willingly talked about what she had endured  in fact Coco felt the past
should be left there.
From what I have read so far, I don’t feel she ever found a way to deal
with her demons.
Funny thing is a many of the iconic symbols she used on the embellishments on her
garments, buttons, even the decor in her private apartment represent the
experiences in her childhood that affected her the most. So why make up
the stories…to only be faced with the truth  every time a
collection graced a catwalk?

It’s weird how as humans our natural instinct is run away or bury  our most
painful moments as far out of sight as possible. An action taken with the  desire to
become better versions of ourselves. In my experience whenever I’ve embrace
my demons great things have been born from it. I ain’t gonna lie…its a hard practice but

I try to utilize this method as often as possible as those demons always find
a way back to bite you on the bum when you least expect it. I’m guessing
this is most true if you are a controversial female fashion

designer adored by thousands who want to know all about your journey to success.
If I had had a moment alone with Mademoiselle Chanel,  I’d of handed her
a non-alcoholic cocktail and told her…

“Babe…a beautiful rose has to rise from dirt. Eat a few chocolate croissants, dance in
your highest heels and let it go girl.  Be happy, your’re FABULOUS!

So are all of you Tiger’s.


#REAL TALK…. Just to let you know…

Hey guys,  I shop for a lot of my supplies and other treats at Amazon so after reading up on their affiliate program it made sense to sign myself up. All the direct links to materials, tools, brands and books are stuff I have or continue to personally use, which can be purchased from Amazon. #RealTalk I get a little compensation for products bought through my links. If you would like lend your support to The Urban Tiger then consider clicking to buy your desired stuff  via the links ( at no aditional cost to you). That would be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂


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