My favourite little section of my kitchen 🙂

Hey you guys!

Gosh a lot of shit can happen when you take a blogcation I can tell you… and lot of shit did happen…which is one of the reasons why today’s post is popping up a little later this than usual this morning ( and without a featured image…arrghhh! I hate that!)  Sooo much to tell you guys! But first….

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

Ok…back to what  went down.

I experienced celebrating Christmas day alone this year for the first time…ever. It was possibly the simplest Christmas I have ever experienced. Did my food shopping in under an hour and under £23, bought all the food and treats ‘I like’. It was fabulous!  I’ve held one wish all year long ….  to spend xmas day in my own home. I’ve pleaded and begged  the Universe to guide me towards moving out of shared accommodation and finally into a space to call my own just in time for the festivities….and it happened. Dude it MANIFESTED!! 🙂

This was the only gift I wanted for Christmas….and what a gift!


OK …. I’ve got stuff or your eyes!
For all you Tigers who have signed up to the GET advance news, updates, collection previews and exclusive content- great! I’ll be dropping an email into your in box later today inviting you to an exclusive preview of selected pieces from the art series. For the rest of you guys, there will be an opportunity see the work at the open  preview either here or the blog or on the website  late January 2015. Date to be confirmed.

Dudes that’s not all…but there is to much stuff to catch up guys up on  for one blog post. So I’ll hit you up next time we chat. Proms!

Any who, I wish you all a great time celebrating New Years. Be safe, drink responsibly …and if its nice…and it doesn’t hurt anybody…do it twice y’all!


UPDATE…. 11/6/15  #finally uploaded an image to this post. Now I can exhale lol.



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