Tigers, I’m taking a much needed break from the bloging sphere. I need  to recharge my batteries. I love writing posts but it can be taxing  on the little grey cells developing content which doesn’t have you guys falling asleep. Also bloging is mega time  consuming Christmas is only around the corner, which lets face it marks the end of the year and I got goals I’m working on to knock out of the ball park before 2015.

This girl needs to concentrate on putting the finishing touches to the art series as well as getting busy on other projects.

I’ll be on blogcation…yeah I said it… for three weeks. On my return I should have lots of new things to share with the community.

For all you turkey sandwich munching individuals…not excluding the vegetarians…who have signed up to receive email alerts, there will be a fresh post dropping into your in box on December 29th. If you haven’t you can do so here. Also coming your way guys is a special email from me previewing another of the pieces from the art series.

I’ll still be popping into Instagram… shoot me I’m addicted! As well as chatting on Twitter. So you can still connect with me if three weeks is just to long for you baby. Lol.

Later dudes!



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