Tigers I’m almost done with the series. There are a few finishing touches to make across the pieces. However this Chick is one of four pieces.


This challenge has been a real test man. I’ve been; stressed..pissed…confused…cross eyed ..torn my hair out! Basically I’ve been a hot mess.


On the flip side…I know I can achieve a cohesive collection of art.  I am not a one hit wonder. Yeah!  If the Saatchi gallery calls I’m ready baby!! In terms of style…well  I have a better understanding of the tools I enjoy using and the ones I only want to play with now and again. The art haul has opened me up to new mediums which I’m going to continue to explore . There are a few styles hidden deep within me which unless I put myself through this challenge I would of never know were lurking.

Strange…I expected  this to be easier.  I have designed many clothing collections  over the years and in theory the concept to creating an  art series is the same. However the execution is sooo different.

Im giving myself a massive high five when I finally complete it. Im very proud of Shantell.



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