Day Dreamer…


It is a constant challenge to keep my ideas simple. I’m a busy thinker and day dreamer with an over active imagination. For example, before I even put pen to paper for  initial dress design ideas  for the  Spring Summer 12 collection, I was dreaming  up how I would style the photography shoot, the right shoes to help convey the style story . Next which colours I would use for  graphics (for the hugely budgeted ad campaign…of course) culminating in the production  of the even huger...huger…did I just make up a new word?…  TV and editing included. I know its crazy. However, another way to look at  it is, maybe when I go down this rabbit hole I’m throwing big ideas out into the big old Universe. Hmmmnnn… lets go with that …less crazy.


I’ve decided not to work on one art piece at time or even just on the series alone. I’ve got many other projects in the fire. I find that working on different things on different days really cures  the boredom  of sticking  to one media and subject matter all the time.

20141002_123014_2 (1)

I can’t say how many pieces will come out of this series…basically because I’m  still not sure. However, these thumbnails are for the fourth print so far. This one is blowing my imagination up with ideas for textile designs.

Shan stay focused!!

Until next time Tigers



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