Hmmm…I’m beginning to find a rhythm now. Starting to feel relaxed with the direction the series is going. I will admit I am still fighting the dreaded voice of self-doubt…

…Hey girl!

..Yo! Shan…er you think anybody is gonna like your shit? You know pay money for it? Hang your art in their homes? Maybe air on the side of caution girl and move that orange thing over there…and while you’re at it… fill up all that white space with something.

Can you relate? Do have a little annoying voice too?  Mine is a keen gardener. He plants little seeds of self doubt over the place.

#creating an art series



I’ve noticed the little brute only comes to visit when I lose focus, if I’m overtired or  if I start drifting into thoughts of my bank balance. That’s when I know I need to pull back, take a walk or take a break from the work for a few days. I also use other tools to kick that little brute’s ass…I settle down with a good book….or turn on some music and break dance that negativity right out the room.

You know what… now that I’m thinking… reaching for a cocktail or two might also work? For medicinal purposes only of course.

Until next time Tigers




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