If you have ever worked on a  website you will understand how much energy it takes. Phew! So glad my work is done. I’m supa  pleased with how the new T.U.T website has turned out. I  toyed with the idea of sticking with the free site I’ve used  from Weebly for the last couple of years and reworking that. However, when I began working on it I found the templates were limiting my creative juices. Mentally my vision for T.U.T has moved forward and that means getting seriously serious and professional. AKA…PAYING FOR IT! I launched the new site around the 6th of October 2014. But I  have kept making little changes to it. Now I’m satisfied…lol.

screne shot website
The shiny new website. Horahh!

By the time this post is published the website would of been visible for  a few weeks.I haven’t mentioned it before now because if I’m honest I wasn’t  sure if it was worth doing as…well… is anybody actually reading my posts to care? Then I thought,  fuck it! This blog as well as for business is a place where I document my personal efforts  and achievements with the company. The  old splash page with the ‘Under Construction’ message  had been tormenting me for two freaking years! I, alone, by myself  did the research on which company I wanted to use… calculated  the costs …worked on the layout…wrote the content…photographed new images… reworked existing ones… added links…checked links… made sure the site matched aesthetically with the blog site… set up Google Analytics… Rome weren’t built in a day…try 8 weeks!

That shit is worth blogging about…just for ME to have that warm fuzzy feeling  when I look back on this and read how far this girl has come.

Peace Tigers…

..if anybody is reading this 🙂


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