Adobe Photoshop Makes Business Possible


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PHOTOSHOP…YOU DA TECH!!  Sometimes I wonder if The Urban Tiger would have been a possibility if I hadn’t of been introduced to this little gem. Twelve years ago I began learning this software and I still only scratch the surface with it today. Apparently it is packed  with so many tools, its an impossibility that a single user will ever use all the software entirely. That’s serious. I feel very fortunate that the University I attended made it a requirement for the students to learn  this skill otherwise I would still be fluffing about with cut and paste. Ahhhh can you imagine?

insta screen shot 1
Click to watch videos on me in the studio using Photoshop.

So what do I use Photoshop for?  In a nutshell…everything. I meant what I said earlier about T.U.T being possible because of it. Yeah I’ve mad skills with a pencil lol…but the software is in an INTEGRAL  component of my artwork. I can experiment with composition ,colours, size and ratio of objects with ease. I mostly use the software to do little machetes or thumbnail pics  of ideas that  I sketch on paper first. Then I use Photoshop to see if the initial sketches make sense visually before attempting it on a larger scale. My goodness this  gem saves me sooooooo much time.

Naturally I use it to  retouch photographs…but also to  design all marketing and promotional material. If you look to your right. All those widget images were created in Photoshop. Look up dude. The header ‘ One Designer’s Journey’ the text and brand logo…all done in…well you know.

Now imagine if I had to outsource all that design work? Forget about it. The costs would kill my business.

Until next time Tigers.x



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