learning struggling pissed

Arrrhhhg!! I must have read every single article online advising on how to create a series of artwork and honestly I’m none the wiser. None!!! (Exhale…and breath). It’s not that the information isn’t ’simple. It’s just that my brain doesn’t seem to be able to translate it…or rather relate it to my style of art. I’m not a painter tackling landscapes. Or a certain breed of dog…or sunsets over London Bridge. My work is graphic…drawing on  screen printing and surface textile design. So where do I go with this?

SIDE NOTE: In an effort to improve my typing skills I have  been teaching myself by taking lessons online for some time…I’m hitting up on Lesson 7 now #humblebrag lol. I’m doing ok but this blog hasn’t half taken a while to write.

20140929_091930_1 Ok..so…according to the experts, the key to creating a successful art series is to think of a concept…eg dogs… get very specific with that idea so say…Bull dogs… and then draw the hell out of it in different situations or settings. For example..sitting…standing..sleeping..running…you getting the picture?? Also the artist must stick to one size format, media and a few colours in an effort to display a cohesive body of work. So far I’ve sorted the colours, decided on a comfortable size format which I feel complements my work… media…not a problem dude. Sticking to a singular subject?? Well that just don’t apply to Shan. I’ve tried but all that’s happening is I’m brainstorming concepts all the time but not actually getting any work done for fear that I may do it wrong.

(Exhale)…You know guys… this may be a case where the normal way of doing things just aint gonna fly here. I’m gonna  have to put all the information aside and follow my instincts to allow a little creative freedom to unfold. Fingers x, I’ll keep you posted.

Until next Time Tigers.x



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