Hi I’m on a journey. Destination FREEDOM. That’s what drives ME and the brand.

Fashion ,artwork and design are by moi , products outside of my creation are chosen to further reflect the philosophy of the company. The Urban Tiger is my business and a huge part of my journey.sketch me

I have always wanted to be a fashion designer…oh except when I wanted to be an architect or a lawyer (Smile).

Hmmm…I could start telling my story from many points in my life  from around 2004, as every moment and experience up until now… 2014… has led me to finally feeling  ready to continue my journey and reopen The Urban Tiger. But, as I’m learning to live in the now I’m gonna begin from HERE…in the hope that as you follow my blog the story will naturally unfold.

I will add this though …. for years I watched my University  friends develop their careers within the fashion industry, move into their own homes ,take trips abroad and one friend even launching her own business, whilst I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and shame as I couldn’t get my career or my business off the ground, instead accepting any job that came my way so I could pay my bills. I wanted so much be free to do what love what I do.. which was to create amazing work full-time ,get paid for it and travel the world.

I’ve drank many cups of peppermint tea, had many quiet reflective moments with my cats and done a ton of meditation…seriously tons of that stuff  to change my perspective on how I live  life. All good and totally necessary. But, my defining moment was being hit by a  pretty big life changing experience (that I did not see coming…AT ALL) which pushed me…literally forced me to figure out what I wanted from life. Once understood, I continued to concentrate and focus on my WHY? Why I wanted to do the things I wanted to do. I now call my Why? ,my Lifestyle-Code:


Because for me…

Freedom encourages Choice

Ease breathes Simplicity

Individuality  inspires Change

Every action or new project that I take on I evaluate whether I’m heading towards or navigating away from my Code.I am a happier person and the best version of myself because I know my purpose and my true goal. I can’t recommend enough working out your Why? and living by a code (grammatical error intended lol).

Being a business owner has presented who I am…and counterintuitively…I love that word…who I am not. Often surprises are thrown into my life mix..some good…some not so good..but all…how should I put without swearing…hmmm character building, and shared in the blog.

Be warned…I swear when I blog…because I like to swear lol.

P.s ,this is a new blogging platform, but check out the old blog as I share all the business resources and tips I have found along my journey…  yummy content on there yall!

PP.S  thanks for getting to know me.


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