Freshly Pressed

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This is the first entry in the new blog. As  The Urban Tiger has been away  for sooooooo long and this is a new blogging platform, I felt a re-design was in order. Look up…see the  new yummy logo?  There is also  a new website coming soon. I’m full of beans to be writing again, it signifies  achieving  bring the brand back and that has taken some effort.
Reshaping the brand has meant remodeling myself and letting all the things I am good at and love be available to you. What is she talking about I hear you cry…well I consider myself to be lifestyle. The way I view the world, how I choose to respond to my environment then express that response comes down to a philosophy for living…AKA a lifestyle. In turn that philosophy moves my choices on my personal style, how I decorate my personal surroundings  and my choice of personal accessories.
Side Note.. bet you didn’t know where I was going with the lifestyle chat but it  makes sense now doesn’t it? (smile).
So T.U.T  has changed course…it is now a lifestyle brand offering  fashion, art and design.
First things first… ART!

Now listen…what I’m about tell tell you is not common knowledge…but…I am in fact, a very keen artist and illustrator. I got into fashion through  my love of art. From secondary school to college I studied Art & Design, and have been producing pieces of art specializing  in watercolor and pencil  for over 22 years now. Hmmm…don’t think I don’t I know you’re secretly trying to do the mat.h…well jog on …I not telling my age 😉
I’ve challenged myself to create a series of artwork combining illustration and digital fine art. I’ve developed a wondrous new style of working…called..letting go and having fun. It takes some seriously serious concentration but I’m working hard on perfecting it (smile). The picture above is  a sneak peak  behind the scenes of work in progress which you can follow on Instagram
Now it’s your turn to share. Are you a secret artist…whats your specialty?
Until next time Tigers.x

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